Music curator vs music designer

“The crocodile and the alligator, they are alike but not the same.”

Music curator vs music designer

31st May 2022, 17:30pm

What do we mean when we talk about music curator? Is there really a difference with the one who designs the musical style of a brand? The answer is emphatically YES.

The root of the word -cura- comes from Latin. In Ancient Rome, a curator was in charge of supervising public works. If we transfer this meaning to the 20th century, and specifically to the music sector, we would be talking about an expert in this field. Indefy, in his article What are music curators? Describes it as the artist who listens to the content and decides whether it is viable to be added, or not, to a playlist. It is then a profession of past, present and future.

Now, what is the difference between a music curator and a music designer?

In a nutshell, the music designer is the one who brings personality to a brand through music.  We should not confuse the term with the one who produces, but as a perfect complement to the music curator.

In short, a company in charge of the musical design of a brand should not do without any of the above professions, because as we have been saying, there is no perfect selection if someone a priori does not design what should be the content, and neither is there, if an expert in the field does not make a rigorous screening.

In Ibiza Songs we have great professionals who are very different from each other. Complementary experts that make each selection and design a unique work.

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