Shopping experience: increase the value of your brand through the purchase experience.

30th June 2020, 5pm

Have you heard of the “shopping experience”? Maybe you have, but the importance of the term requires us to dedicate a few words to it. The shopping experience, is all that the client perceives during the process of purchasing a product or service.

In a world as globalized as the current one, and in which the offer of products and services with similar characteristics exceeds the demand, it can be said that practically the only way in which your consumers will remember you will be by offering a memorable experience, an experience that adds value to your brand and create an emotional bridge between it and the customer.

Although it is true that the shopping experience is not something that we have to present, since we know very well that few are the brands that do not pay attention to any detail that may negatively influence their brand image, we must emphasize that not all of them use sensory marketing to improve it.

Philip Kotler (1973) was the first to say that the atmosphere of a store (“atmospherics”) was a marketing tool. This was practically about design. The stores had to get your attention, make you feel comfortable. With that you were practically a won client. Over the years, the growing and fragmented market with distributed audiences, forced to treat the point of sale as more than just a marketing tool.

A nice decoration was no longer enough. Various studies added other elements such as music, lights, or smell to Kolter’s definition of “atmosphere”. Each of these details became as important as the product or service for sale, thus becoming a brand communication tool, rather than a marketing tool.

The strategic use of these elements not only helps you to sell more, it also differentiates yourself. Therefore, to shape your brand’s identity, it is important that you put a name and surname to the product or service you sell. As we mentioned, a high percentage of businesses pay attention to their identity, defining themselves as ” such and such”, but few use the experience strategically to improve what others see of it.

At Ibiza Songs we help you communicate who you are through music. Because it is no longer worthwhile for your establishment to play a song that appeals. That song has to talk about you, be part of your identity, and improve the experience in the buying process, and therefore increasing the value of your Brand.