You are how you sounds!

Do we use music the right way?

16th June 2020, 1:30pm

The study published by Flyabit shows us how despite the great potential that our country has in the world of music, the construction of brands from the field of sound still has a long way to go. As seen in the graph, less than 38% of consumers are able to spontaneously associate sound with brands.

Audio branding could be defined as “the intentional use of music, sound, and voice to create a connection between people and organizations” Franus (2007). In this sense, we can understand that we must not only focus on creating a jingle, but we must also focus our attention as a brand on creating a sound environment related to our clients, generating emotions and provoking the correct feelings. But it is not just about music playing in establishments that causes a positive effect, that moves us more or less quickly. It is about selecting music that is consistent and communicates the values ​​of the brand in question. It is here where Spain seems not to be using its full potential.

“To generate a good auditory identity, it is essential that it be based on the brand’s values. That is to say, you cannot run the risk of using music randomly since this is a fundamental element for the generation of corporate identity ”Westermann (2008)

It is not enough to spend countless amounts of money on audiovisual rights and achieve short-term results without building brand identity. The interesting thing is to take advantage of the ability of users to remember a sound for years using music that gives us a competitive advantage.

At Ibiza Songs we work with a strategic approach, we study your brand and we apply our great experience so that what sounds in your business is not just a simple background melody, but one more element of communication that is part of your brand image.