Ibiza, a musical reference

1st June 2020, 5:30pm

Today we talk about our place of origin, the site that gave us the experience to make Ibiza Songs a project with the personality it deserves.

We have already discussed the importance of music in business and the way it has evolved over the years. Its use in devices has gone from being a tool to mitigate ambient sound to being a vital element in the brand image.

Today we want to introduce ourselves that we differentiate ourselves, that great added value that is the place that violates us and that has given us the ability to make the best musical selection for your business, because after all, Ibiza is music.

The White Island, nickname that Ibiza receives, is located in the Balearic archipelago. Despite the fact that its history dates back to the middle of the s. VII, we will focus on the last decades, which represented a before and after, and which made it a dream tourist destination and the quintessential music paradise.

The 60s and 70s are characterized by the arrival of artists, musicians, the famous hippies and the beginning of the “Flower Power” movement. For those who do not know what we are talking about, it is a time full of music and “peace and love” in which celebrities from all over the world, curious about the incredible gossip on the island, stepped up to live the experience in first person.

Over the years, the most famous discotheques and clubs that were found so far emerged, as their victims and the images of them recorded around the world. We are talking about Pacha, Amnesia, the famous Ku (now Privilege) and many others like Lío and Ushuaia, who to this day continue to arouse fury among young people and those who are no longer so.

Ibiza, always at the forefront, has welcomed the great musical genres of each moment. From the rock and roll of its beginnings, to the most current chill out, through the electronic music that characterizes it so much. An island in which any style has a place, and in which it is precisely the fusion of tastes and cultures that make it, without a doubt, the nirvana of music.

It is from the 90’s when Sebastian Gamboa and Victor Nebot, dj’s with long experience and who since then have been an essential part of Ibiza come into play.

Victor, with more than 40 years raising the tracks of the most select clubs, and Sebastian, with more than 30, have shaped Ibiza Songs to take a step further and join the 3.0 world, in which music is no longer just It is intended to entertain us, if not to influence the brand image by improving the experience of its customers in establishments.

This is the little story of the place where Ibiza Songs was born to give the commercial world the “tone” it needs.