Music, the best partner to emote your customers

18th July 2022, 13:00pm

The world is changing. And yes, we are less and less guided by rules, by the rationality. The importance of the emotional has reached its highest point. We like to feel and we like to do it in our own way. This is the reality.

In this context, more and more brands are leaving aside the guidelines of the original marketing to evolve towards sensory marketing, studying the clients more than the famous 4 P’s. Do you still believe that it is more important to promote your product through the 2×1 than to make your consumer’s hair raising?

The trend reveals that, to be successful, the customer as an individual subject must be your real object of study.

So what is the direction? How do we know what our customer wants or craves? If we manage to find out, if we manage to make them vibrate, we will have achieved our goal: to make our customer part of our brand community.


One of the most popular branches of sensory marketing is auditory marketing. But what does this term mean? It is the simple creation of a positive feeling through music and sounds, without ever forgetting your brand identity.

At Ibiza Songs our main goal is to communicate by emotions, to change the mood of your customers and make them vibrate through sounds.

How do we do this?

Through exhaustive studies about what your brand is and what it wants to express, we design unique and exclusive musical content for your business.

We don’t believe in generalities. Something that doesn’t work for some people can be a real success for others. All depends on who you are as a brand and the experiences you want to offer in your business.

Remember that you are unique and therefore you deserve content designed just for you. If you let an external company to create your brand image through music, remember that your real objective should be that your clients remind you.

At Ibiza Songs we are professionals that will make your customers become real fans of your brand.