The importance of hearing marketing in times of pandemic

19th November 2020, 2:00pm

Who was going to tell us that in just a few months our way of life would change in such a drastic way. The global pandemic has forced us to reinvent ourselves and we still don’t know if our day to day will go back to the way it was before.

We are in a time of uncertainty, of profound changes at the economic and business level. We are aware that the formula for success lies in reinventing ourselves and providing our clients with something that makes them special and unique, because only in this way will we be able to remain a benchmark brand within the sector to which we belong.

In this sense, sensory marketing, already widely used by many, becomes more than ever a fundamental form of communication to be able to stay active, since there is no better way to achieve engagement between consumers and brands than by stimulating senses.

One of the great challenges that the pandemic has caused is getting the consumer to return to the retail channel. Consumption habits have changed; the pleasure of browsing, touching, feeling the product and going to the shops as an act of leisure has come to a standstill. Online commerce is the only beneficiary, which has seen its greatest boom due to fear and restrictions. But it has not only happened in the case of stores as we mentioned, but also in restaurants, gyms and in any activity that is not considered essential for life.

As you can see, these are times of change but we are aware that the world continues, and that as brands we continue be present. We already discussed the importance of sensory marketing in other articles, but now more than ever the power of emotion is our best weapon. If it’s difficult for our clients to come, let’s make it much easier for them to come back.

Music is one of the best tools to travel without moving, providing us with  memories, feelings … and that is precisely what brands must achieve today, that customers feel. Make them perceive something that through an online order is impossible. Take advantage of this moment to connect with your audience and become the first option after an experience that can only be given in the retail channel.

At Ibiza Songs we are specialists in creating brand identity through music, but we are also specialists in creating emotions through sounds.